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Insert your text. There is no word count limit. For your convenience, we recommend splitting your text into parts if the word count exceeds one thousand.
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5 benefits
of an essay reworder

Our rewriting tool does more than you expect. And the result is always flawless. 
Natural text flow
Preserving the human-like tone of writing is essential, whether you write an academic essay or a blog post. Our algorithm is designed to ensure that your text will keep the natural flow amid the sentence or paragraph structure changes.
Any formatting style
When you insert the text for further rewriting, the software will automatically adjust it, no matter the original format. You do not need to make any changes in the text yourself; simply copy and paste it into the window, start paraphrasing, and the rest will be done by our rewrite essay tool.
Extensive vocabulary
The tool is powered by the most advanced scholarly dictionaries, enabling you to enrich your essay with relevant synonyms. When you reword essay, be sure to get a selection of synonyms that will fit your topic perfectly. Writing like a professional is simple with Rewrite My Essay.
Plagiarism-free content
The best way to avoid plagiarism when copying or generating content online is to rewrite it efficiently. At Rewrite My Essay, you can rewrite essay to avoid plagiarism without effort. The tool will change sentence structure and offer you synonyms for the most efficient rewording.
Personal writing assistance
Some things are out of reach even for the most advanced technologies. If you need professional help for the best result, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. Our experts are qualified editors specializing in diverse disciplines and are always ready to provide excellent rewriting services.
Hire an expert to rewrite your essay
Some rewriting tasks are too important to be entrusted to an online tool. When your academic or professional career is at stake, the best solution is to bring in a human expert for help. Our editors are well-trained rewriters with extensive experience and degrees in your respective field. They will rewrite the text for you manually to guarantee a top-notch plagiarism-free result. Working with a tried and tested professional is always a safe choice.
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What our essay rewriter can do

Exceeding your expectations, our essay rewriter delivers more than just a new text.
Your satisfaction and complete control of the process come by default. 
Changes words
You are always given the choice of multiple alternatives to replace words and phrases in the text. Select the most appropriate synonym to rewrite your essay quickly and effortlessly.
Rewrites articles
Use our free tool to better understand the academic text and avoid cumbersome academic vocabulary. Keep your readings clear by replacing difficult words with simpler synonyms.
Rephrases sentences
While working on the text, the algorithm changes sentence structure to preserve the core idea and natural text flow. You get new, reworded sentences that make sense.
Excludes plagiarism
An in-built plagiarism detection system spots parts of the text that were copied from external sources without proper citations and excludes them from the result by rewording them completely.
Fixes plagiarism
Alternatively, some parts of the text will be offered with a selection of synonyms for you to choose from. Replacing words with synonyms will be enough to avoid plagiarism.
Rewrites essays
If you need a word changer for essay, our tool will automatically change sentences and enable you to adjust changes to your taste with a selection of relevant synonyms.

What Is an essay rewriter?

Recent technological advances introduced multiple ways for content generation. Writing an essay, an article, or even a poem is no longer a problem. Users can generate any text for any purpose and forget the stress associated with research, inspiration, or the writing process itself. However, another problem followed the AI breakthrough shortly: it can be tracked and revealed quickly.

The best way to make your texts sound human-like is to use a good essay rewriter. Rewrite My Essay offers you free access to our cutting-edge paraphrasing tool. The tool lets you change your text and get a new one without losing the initial meaning or ideas. It can rewrite essay of any origin (whether you wrote it yourself or generated it online), of any length, and on any topic. Our rewriting tool is advanced enough to check content for plagiarism and rewrite parts that lack originality.

Read on to find out how our essay changer works, if it suits your needs, and what is the best way to benefit from it.

How rewrite my essay can help you today

You probably found yourself changing words or entire sentences in a text at least once. Essay reworder works the same: it analyzes the original content and changes it accurately, preserving the meaning and overall structure. This is an essay word changer; it doesn’t mix and match paragraphs or words in the sentences but finds synonyms to complete a successful rewording. Of course, not every word can be replaced with a synonym. Our essay rewriter changes only essential parts of the sentences to make the entire outcome unique and plagiarism-free.

Fast & free paraphrasing service

When you need an essay rewrite, don’t waste hours of your precious time working on it. Our rewriting tool uses a unique algorithm designed to give you the freedom to choose your own type of essay rewrite. It highlights words and phrases that have relevant synonyms and lets you select the best replacement to rewrite essay smoothly. The process goes fast and takes little effort on your part to paraphrase the text.

Of course, the best thing about our essay reworder is that you can use it completely for free. No strings attached.

Clear paraphrasing of your ideas

Most online tools available to rewrite essay generate the final outcome without you having to make any choices. Some students may find it more helpful and user-friendly. But if you wish to take control over your essay rewrite, our rewriting tool is perfect for you. The meaning of your text and main ideas are preserved; they are simply replaced by the best-fitting synonyms that you can pick yourself.

Unique text

Smart paraphrasing is the ultimate way to avoid plagiarism. However, your text may still lack originality, even with the most advanced rewriting techniques. That is why we encourage you to run a backup plagiarism check and see if any parts of your essay still require rewriting to avoid plagiarism. That said, our free essay rewriter lets you get as close to a unique text as possible.

Rephrasing poems & stories

Rephrasing academic texts is one thing; trying to rewrite a poem or a novel is an entirely different thing. Such a sensitive procedure requires an article rewriter that performs an advanced-level rewording and suggests synonyms that fit the storyline. Try our essay rewriter tool and see for yourself the convenience and accuracy of the algorithm used. The selection of words for replacement is broad enough for you to even rewrite a poem without losing the rhyme. 

Who uses essay rewriter

This free essay rewriter is helpful for anyone who wants to change a text. It is suitable for academic texts if you need to rewrite essays, papers, articles, reports, etc. It is suitable for non-academic literature and online content. It also works with scripts and SEO texts. That explains the diverse pool of our customers, from students to professionals.


Surely, students are the most frequent users of Rewrite My Essay. Wondering, “Who can rewrite my essay for me?” they find our website online and quickly appreciate its convenience and advantages. If you are a student, our essay rewriter is perfect to use for academic purposes. Change essays and papers to improve your writing and performance, enhance style and word choice, and avoid plagiarism risks. Our essay rewriter is simple and has proven efficient in paraphrasing scholarly texts.

Script writers

Scriptwriting differs from academic writing because it is more creative and targeted at a different audience. You don’t need to rewrite essay to avoid plagiarism and get approval from your teacher. Instead, you need fresh ideas and appealing language to captivate your audience and translate your script more effectively. Our essay rewriter is suitable for scripts and can be used by scriptwriters.


How can an essay rewriter help you with research? Let’s say you are working on your dissertation. First, you might need the help of an article rewriter to avoid plagiarism or better understand the text. Given the sophisticated academic language, some scholarly materials are too difficult to understand. Rewording them will assist you in better understanding the material. Second, you might need to enrich your writing with academic wordstock. Using an article rewriter will help you select more appropriate language for your research writing.

Poets and storytellers

Storytelling is a form of creative writing that engages the reader in a way no academic writing can. That is why both writing and rewriting for this type of content are complicated tasks. However, nothing is too complicated for our rewrite essay tool. It smoothly mixes sentence structure in a way that preserves both the transparency of the main idea and the beauty behind it. Moreover, you can paraphrase poems at Rewrite My Essay by choosing accurate synonyms that match your rhyme.

Content writers and copywriters

Content writers can also benefit from our essay changer. A paraphrasing tool that enables one’s creativity is ideal for professionals who go through writer’s block or are looking for clarity or better-fitting alternatives in their writing. Copywriters can generate texts to save time and then apply an essay rewriter tool to achieve the desired tone and message. Searching for relevant synonyms can save you time and effort when you lack ideas or inspiration.


Bloggers are also known to use our essay rewriter. Generating piles of content online, they need a human touch to the writing to make it sound like them. By rewriting the text, they can choose words and phrases that will resonate with their previous style. What’s more, the tool is perfect if they lack inspiration. Imitation is the best form of flattery, and using someone else’s post to create your own after paraphrasing it is a popular trend.

Digital marketers

Digital marketing relies heavily on content. That said, content creation requires time and resources. Marketers needing content ASAP and lacking the resources to afford it can now benefit from AI software. Copying digital content is still cheating that can lead their website and business to a ban; that is why many marketers use the word changer for essay to rewrite their content and avoid restriction risks.

How to use our essay reworder

“I need to reword my essay. How do I do it?” It is time to explain to you how things work here at Rewrite My Essay.

The entire process is powered by a cutting-edge algorithm that not only changes the sentence structure while maintaining the natural text flow. First and foremost, it targets words with various synonyms that can replace the original text. The algorithm is unique and lets you rewrite essay in the way you want it. We also believe that this is the most effective way of paraphrasing to date: you reword essay without risking it to sound off the topic.

How can I rewrite my essay?

“I need to rewrite my paper ASAP. What do I do?” The first thing is done: you are at the right place. Rewrite My Essay is a free platform for anyone who needs to rewrite essay, maintaining its high quality and original idea flow. The tool is free of charge, and this answers your question, “Who can rewrite my essay free?”

Go to the window of our paraphrasing tool and insert your text. Start the rewrite essay process by clicking on the button. There is no word count limit. Wait for the generation process to be completed.

Some parts of the essay will be changed automatically. Some will require your review. You will be given a selection of synonyms for some highlighted words. Simply pick a replacement word by clicking on it. After you finish to rewrite essay, click to save the changes and copy the text to your clipboard. You can insert more texts or try to reword the same essay once again, as there is no limit for gerentation sessions per one user.

Put our rewriting tool to the test now

“Who can rewrite my essay for me free?” The answer to your question is here. At Rewrite My Essay, you are given a unique opportunity to benefit from technology and get the best result possible. If you need to rewrite essay or any other type of writing, don’t think twice and try our rewriter. Essay that you will receive within seconds will preserve the main idea, your style, and the original structure. Meanwhile, you will save time and effort rewriting your essay manually.

You can access and use rewriter essay for free. We expect nothing in return. And should you ever need professional help from a qualified rewriter, text us ‘rewrite my essay for me’ and enjoy top-tier help from a human assistant. We are here to help you 24/7.


What website can rewrite my essay for me?

Seeking assistance to rewrite your essay arrives at two possible solutions. First, you can hire a college essay rewriter – a human editor – to revise and rewrite your essay according to your requirements and needs. Second, you can use an essay rewriter tool that relies on AI or other technology and lets accurate paraphrasing of the text.
Finding a reliable website that rewrites essays is tricky. Some websites request sensitive information from users or trick you into paying for the service provided. Some might use outdated algorithms that result in poor paraphrasing. Here, at Rewrite My Essay, you can access an essay rewriter free of charge or hire a human helper to assist you with text rewording. Either way, you are guaranteed the utmost satisfaction with the obtained result.

What is the fastest way to rewrite my essay?

“I need to rewrite my paper but am worried about the result. How do I ensure the best outcome?”
It depends on a few factors. Ask yourself a question, “Why do I need to reword my essay?” If your text lacks originality or you generated it online, the fastest way is to use an essay reworder. At Rewrite My Essay you can access the tool for free and use it as many times as needed. However, if your text needs more of a creative touch and precision that only a human rewriter can provide, we advise you to order assistance from a professional editor.

How do I use this rewrite essay tool ?

Rewrite My Essay offers essay rewriter free of charge to all website visitors. Use the empty field to insert your text. Press the button to start the reword generator. Wait for a few seconds. The tool will highlight words and phrases that can be replaced with synonyms and provide you with a list of possible options. Pick an alternative to replace the original text, which will be saved automatically. Furthermore, this isn’t just an essay word changer; the tool also changes the structure of sentences and switches sentences between paragraphs where possible to ensure content originality and quality paraphrasing.

Is there an option to rewrite essay for free?

Rewrite My Essay is a free platform for all students and website visitors. Whatever the reason you need an essay rewriter, you can access and use it for free. No hidden fees or tricks. You can run as many rewording sessions as you want. There is no limit for word count or number of uses. However, if you want to hire a human expert to rewrite an essay and guarantee the best quality and unquestionable originality, Rewrite My Essay has a team of professionals ready to help you. Contact us without hesitation, and we will match you with the best available rewriter in your required field of expertise.

Is using an essay changer allowed?

How do you think students have been using AI advancements without their educational institutions noticing? Surely, your academic teachers will warn you from using any online-generated content and changing it with a rewrite essay tool. But the best news is that they can’t prove whether you used any software or not to rewrite an essay.
Our website is a safe space for everyone seeking assistance with rewriting and paraphrasing. Rewrite My Essay has established encryption protocols to protect all website operations and exclude the possibility of any data leaks. Besides, as our user, you don’t provide any sensitive data that can compromise your identity.
Give our essay rewriter tool a try now, and enjoy perfectly rewritten essays right away. Simple and free!